We’re here to do the same kind of work Jesus did, to love God and love others. We are compelled by the love of Christ to announce the Good News whenever, however and to whomever He calls us. We must minister in our local communities, but we also must move beyond our ourselves and even beyond our nation into uncomfortable and maybe even resistant places. We support missions all over the world.

      Consider how you can get involved by praying for missionaries and giving to them

Our missionaries need your prayers. You might find yourself in a place where you feel you can't participate in world missions the way you would like to. Let us assure you that praying for our missionaries is one of the most important ways you can support them and further the message of Christ into all the world. On this webpage you will find a list of our supported missionaries so that you can pray effectively for them and their ministries.

Almost all of us have more than we truly need. Beyond giving regularly to the Church, God asks us to stretch ourselves by sacrificing to meet the needs of others. Our sacrifice provides funds to God called Missionaries to reach their fields and win people to Christ whom we will never have the chance personally to reach.


A Faith Promise is a commitment to God to give by faith, above and beyond our tithe, to support our missionaries across the globe. When this designation is made 100% of those funds goes directly to the Missions Fund.

Bro. Jim and Kim Vanvoltenburg - Dundee Scotland

Bro. Bruce Rice- Philippines

Bro. Charlie Tenney - US Evangelist

Bro. Daniel Lang- Nigeria

Bro. Micah Rastelli- Bosnia

Bro. Gaddes - Australia

Bro. Ted Snyder - Honduras

Bro. Howard Alverson - Forfar Scotland

Bro. Cannon - Thanks to Calvary Truck Stop Ministry

Bro.Ben Bernard -Myanmar